Saturday, December 24, 2005

Favre Should Keep Playing

Too many reporters and supposed football "experts" write about players as if they're nothing more than graphics in a John Madden video game. The Green Bay Packers team is going out there tomorrow and next week, and they're going to give their all, and they deserve the best chance to win the game. Brett Favre gives them that, not Aaron Rodgers. There's no such thing as a "meaningless game" to a player, though some games certainly have less importance than others. The idea that Rodgers needs playing time doesn't hold water because the situation isn't right. Rodgers is not going to be battling the current starter for the spot next year. Favre is the man until he announces he's retiring, or he because completely inept at his job. Of course, Favre is open to criticism for not letting the team know his plans at this point; an argument can be made that he needs to consider where his team is at and that the front office people need to know his leanings, at least, so that they can best do their job. But until there is a real quarterback controversy in Green Bay, not one projected by reporters needing to come up with a storyline, Favre should be in there unless the game gets out of hand as it did last Monday night.

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