Thursday, January 18, 2007

Team Needs

Buffalo Bills
The Buffalo News writes that upgrades to the run game and run defense are at the top of the offseason agenda for the Buffalo Bills.

Houston Texans
The Houston Chronicle sizes up the Texans needs heading into the 2007 NFL draft.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Florida Today looks at some of the issues facing the Jaguars as they head toward the 2007 season.

Kansas City Chiefs
The Kansas City Star considers the many decisions confronting the AFC's sixth seed in the playoffs.

New York Giants
The Giants' needs are pretty obvious as this quick breakdown of the Giant roster proves.

Oakland Raiders
Inside Bay Area reports Raiders have lots to do to become presentable

San Francisco 49ers
Inside Bay Area reports 49ers must tackle need for much defensive help.

Seattle Seahawks puts the spotlight on the Seahawks' offseason needs.

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