Friday, February 08, 2008

Team Needs: Kansas City Chiefs

1. Left Tackle
Damion McIntosh should be moved inside to guard where he would be an asset and not a liability. In order to do that, the Chiefs need another starting-caliber left tackle on their roster, which they're not even close to having.

2. Quarterback
Brodie Croyle might look like Joe Namath, but I don't see him leading the Chiefs to an upset Super Bowl victory at any point in the future. Damon Huard is a capable backup who turns 35 this summer.

3. Cornerback
Ty Law is approaching the end of the line, actually he has been for years, but his knack for highlight-making interceptions artificially inflated the perception of his play. Patrick Surtain, too, is near the end of his career. What's worse is that the Chiefs lack any depth or a young player with a good chance to step in and be an improvement.

4. Right Tackle
This one assumes left tackle Damion McIntosh is moved inside to guard and not to right tackle (or kept at left tackle). If McIntosh is moved to right tackle, then the need is at right guard instead. Will Svitek is fine to have around as a backup, but not a tackle you should be satisfied with as your starter.

5. Defensive End
All-Pro Jared Allen is a free agent; if KC loses out on his services to another team, they'll still have Tamba Hali at left end, but there'll be basically nothing else. Turk McBride is a tweener who seems best suited for subbing in at tackle on passing downs. Even if Allen is re-signed, depth is sorely needed.

6. Wide Receiver
2007 first-rounder Dwayne Bowe has a great career in front of him, but other than he and tight end Tony Gonzalez, the Chiefs don't have a lot of good receiving options. Samie Parker is a free agent not likely to return. Eddie Kennison battled injuries before finally landing on IR and is a possible cap cut. 2006 sixth-rounder Jeff Webb is a possession receiver.

7. Linebacker
Derrick Johnson should be starting on the weakside. Napolean Harris is a stop-gap starter in the middle who would probably be upgraded if there weren't so many other needs. Donnie Edwards will turn 35 in April and should be given a limited role. Kendrell Bell was a poor free agent signing and after three season in KC is unlikely to return.

8. Tight End
Tony Gonzalez is still one of the top tight ends in the game, but he is soon to turn 32 and the Chiefs lack depth at the position. Jason Dunn is 34 and no longer the sturdy blocker he once was.

9. Special Teams
Including 2007 fifth-round pick Justin Medlock, KC went through three kickers, ending the season with 43-year-old John Carney. If the Chifefs don't do something they could be ending next season with Morten Anderson. On top of that, they replaced Dante Hall (not a bad idea) with Eddie Drummond (oops!) and had one of the worst return games in the league.

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