Saturday, April 19, 2008

In the Trenches: 2007 week four

Games Reviewed
Pittsburgh Steelers (14) at Arizona Cardinals (21)
Chicago Bears (27) at Detroit Lions (37)
Green Bay Packers (23) at Minnesota Vikings (16)
Kansas City Chiefs (30) at San Diego Chargers (16)
Denver Broncos (20) at Indianapolis Colts (38)

Game Notes
The season Blocker Rating averages dip a bit after implementing BR 2.0 for week four. But the dip can't be attributed only to the changes I made to the rating system, as the five games from this week contained some atrocious blocking. The Chiefs were so bad that I'm pretty sure watching their game against the Chargers gave me the flu. I might have had a swifter recovery if I hadn't tried to stomach the Bears-Lions match up right away. Finally, it was more luck than good judgment that saved me from the Steeler game until I was clear headed.
  A couple of week ago, after he had a good game against the Seahawks, I wondered if Arizona guard Reggie Wells always played that well and if he might not be one of the most underrated linemen in the NFL. After seeing two more Arizona games I feel confident in saying he's not all that. He's an adequate starter, and he plays the game the right way, but it's his teammate, left tackle Mike Gandy, who has been looking like a guy who deserves more accolades. Unfortunately, sample size is still too small to make any definitive statement, but Gandy's 8.99 BR for the season is tops so far among left tackles with at least 50 charted snaps (which includes guys like Walter Jones, Matt Light, Chad Clifton, Chris Samuels, and Marcus McNeil) and fourth among LTs with at least 20 snaps (behind Flozell Adams, Joe Thomas, and D'Brickashaw Ferguson).
  Two right tackles, Kansas City's Kyle Turley and Detroit's Jonathan Scott, posted the first BRs below 6. Turley was replaced by Chris Terry, who played poorly himself but virtually shined in comparison to Turley (and most of the rest of the Chiefs' line). Meanwhile, Scott was a replacement for George Foster who had committed his seventh false start penalty of the year. Foster had not been playing well by any stretch of the imagination, but even with another false start he would have been better than Scott.

Blocker Ratings
Average BRs (through four weeks)

Left Tackle

Left Guard


Right Guard

Right Tackle

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